Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage

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Protecting your final wishes and your loved ones—-Lincoln Heritage  Life and the Funeral Consumer Guardian have joined forces to bring you a program designed to help you make sure everything will go smoothly and easily for your loved ones who will be in charge of your funeral someday.

Our plan puts you in control of everything of how your funeral is to be conducted at the time of your death. Our plan protects grieving loved ones  in these critical ways :

  • Helps prevent confusion and stress among grieving loved ones regarding your final arrangements
  • Helps prevent over-spending during an emotionally stressful time in their lives
  • Helps prevent worry and anxiety on the part of your loved ones about how your funeral expenses will be paid

Funeral funding from Lincoln Heritage Life  Insurance Company. One of the nation’s top providers of final expense coverage important points to remember :

  • Your funeral plan starts protecting you immediately–when completed.
  • Provides up to $ 20,000 to cover the cost of a funeral
  • Accidental Death benefits may also be included
  • Tailor made premiums to fit your budget
  •  No medical exam required–* Coverage is based on answers to health questions on the application.
  • Once in force, plan premiums will never change

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